5/3/2019: The Military Mindset


5/3/2019: The Military Mindset

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Bridging the Gap to Understanding the Military Culture from an Army Veteran & LPC

6 Core CE Credits

May 3, 2019

8:30a - 4:00p

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Training Objectives:

  • Gain insight to the mindset and lifestyle of military personnel

  • Better understand the hurdles likely encountered when treating a veteran or service member

  • Learn how to minimize and/or eliminate the hurdles

  • Gain the trust of military/veteran clients by finding identifiable and relatable traits


During this CE Event, participants will receive education about the military lifestyle and how it can affect a service member’s perception of mental health. I will provide a condensed overview of how training is conducted starting from the first day of boot camp until the day they retire. I will introduce the "Military Mindset" in a way that will allow each participant a glimpse into probable reasons for inconsistent attendance and hesitance to trust. I will provide therapists tools and interventions to better assist them in minimizing these hurdles so that they and the veteran are able to focus on the clinical issues rather than the preoccupation of being misunderstood.

Speaker's Bio:

Sergeant Jamie Hall, LPC has served in the military for over 13 years and is currently serving in the Georgia Army National Guard. In our practice she works closely with veterans and their families. This unique perspective allows her insight into the specific challenges military members and their families encounter, and has found that veterans are not only more open to speak with someone who they feel understand, they're relieved. 

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