Summer Habit Have-Tos

Summer is here! So many wonderful things: sunshine, smiles, slip and slides, sprinklers, sandals, and sunscreen!

Even though a lot of people do summer right, more people do summer wrong! We want you to take time to make well-developed and sustaining habits this summer!


1. Take A Vacation

It can be for a day or for seven, but plan a trip! Schedule out what you’re going to do or be spontaneous and drive until you see water. Maybe do something touristic. Stop talking about you can’t afford it and find a way. Please, for your own sanity!

2. Reach Out to Old Friends

Admit it. You haven’t done the best job with this, but that’s okay. Start today! Text a good friend that you haven’t in a while. Make plans to get together and DON’T back out. Getting together just for a good laugh is worth it. Plus, you’ll be laughing!

3. Go Outside

No, it’s not too hot. Go for a walk. Sit by the pool. Grill out with friends. Walk that poor dog. Do whatever you have to do to get up and enjoy this Georgia weather. Set aside 30 minutes a day at least 2 days a week where you are intentional about your time outside. Not sure what I mean by intentional? Check out our last blog.

4. Wake Up Early

Wait, what? Yes. You heard me. Wake up earlier so that you can enjoy more of the day. Enjoy an extra cup of coffee, work out, or something productive. The earlier you wake up, the more time you have in your day! Not a morning person? Start by setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier and then slowly increase to the time that you want.

5. Do Something That Scares You

Try something you aren’t sure you’ll be good at. Do something that intimidates you. Smile at that guy or girl you think is cute. With little risk comes little reward. Just a small act of bravery : sing in a public place, cut your hair, accept a compliment, say you’re sorry. Self-actualization may be the the best thing that happens to you all summer.