To the Person Trying to Steal My Peace

Despite your insistence on creating discord and dredging up the mud and the muck, despite your determination to drag those around you down into the depths of suffering with you, and despite your call to bypass gratitude, it will not be yours.

I say again: It's. Not. Yours.

My peace is for me and me alone. It calls me to be kind to you and patient with you because you are difficult. You do not control me or my emotion. I hold my power over myself and I will not give myself away. My heart softens as I see you as you are: weak, immobile, and desperate. Desperate for my peace. Well, you will not have it. To let you make me angry is to let you own me and I will be owned by no one. I will not engage you but I will transcend you on the wings of my deep, sustaining, Inner Peace. You will be crippled by the warmth and it's magnitude, it will inevitably shatter your hard-heartedness. I will be unexpected, disarming, and elevated. And you…you'll still be you. But, never, will you have my Peace.

Authored by Daron Elam, LPC, NCC, CCH

Owner and Managing Therapist at Summit's Edge