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Finding the Right Therapist

Choosing the right therapist is important. It's a relationship unlike any other. Each of our professionals utilize their own unique approach to therapy and bring their own therapeutic style in the process. Therapists are people, just like you. Learn more about our staff below:



Alex Peskin

I am a believer that therapy works best when clients are comfortable enough to leave their comfort zone.  Working together to create a safe and caring environment will always be one of my goals, but so will challenging you to grow and achieve what you deserve.  I will also urge you to take care of yourself in all aspects of life.  And I’m right there with you!  To take care of myself I indulge in lots of tacos, staying active and outdoors, and of course Netflix.   


Anisha Cooper

Simply put, I'm authentic. I'll meet you where you are, support you, and hold you accountable without judgment. A typical session with me involves creating a safe space for you to exist in all intersections of your identity.


Celia Webb

I partner with the client to identify the underlying issues interfering with your present life and relationships. I work to create space for all parts of my clients (even the ones you don’t like!) and to develop compassion and care for those parts you desire to change. I challenge my clients to connect with their emotions, their body, and explore how their experiences have influenced where they are in their present lives.  I am a North Carolina native that enjoys traveling, college football, and navigating the crazy and amazing world of motherhood.


Jamie Hall

If you're ready to get to know your authentic self, explore your full picture, and gain insight from an objective perspective, consider working with me as I believe that true change occurs when a person is most uncomfortable and is challenged with honesty, personal reflection, and acceptance. I believe that everyone is entitled to the pursuit of happiness, and employ the Science of Happiness to assist my clients achieve their personal and professional goals. I’m a Georgia Southern two-time Alum (Hail Southern!), my go-to coffee order is a caramel macchiato, and my self-care routine includes traveling with my husband, gardening, attending music festivals, and yoga.


Eliana Gross

I believe that therapy works best when the therapist and client can work together to identify, understand, and overcome the issues in your life. I will work with you to create a safe space for you to exist, and I will encourage you to connect with your emotions and achieve personal growth. I will help you find ways to take care of every part of yourself. I love hiking and being outdoors, traveling, Starbucks coffee, and relaxing with a good book- or a Netflix series!



You can expect me to always be on your side, yet also direct and honest about what I'm seeing and hearing. Count on me to genuinely hold you accountable for how you take insights from our sessions and apply them to make changes in your life. And if you get stuck, have no fear! I’ll stick it out with you through the “stuck-ness”. To take care of myself, I enjoy playing racquetball, cooking meals for my friends, and playing video games. 


It takes a lot of courage to seek therapy. I like to honor that courage with genuine openness and warmth. My therapeutic style is intuitive, inclusive, and empowering. I regard my clients as experts in their own lives, and my role is to help them remember and reclaim their unique way of being in the world. When I am not in the office, you can find me walking in the woods, laughing with the people I love, watching something with subtitles, or experimenting in my kitchen.    


Daron Elam

I love to invite my clients into a space where they can explore their most authentic self. My therapeutic tone is largely holistic by observing the mind, body and spirit as they function together to achieve lasting change. I hope to create opportunities for learning and personal development that spark introspection and meaningful connection. I truly believe that peace comes in the ability to let go of what you can't control. I am an entrepreneur, a Mama bear, and a loving wife. I enjoy running, international travel, cooking & baking, meditation and yoga.



I am a direct and person-centered therapist. I believe the best approach to the therapeutic relationship is meeting clients where they are. I also have a direct approach of holding you accountable for your own journey while also creating a space for you and helping you discover your hidden potential. My husband and I live in northern Atlanta with our three cats Annabelle, Sampson and Jeffery. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. 



My approach to therapy is to do whatever is best for that person. At the end of the day, people do best when they are heard, can go at their own pace, and be themselves on their way to finding some relief or reach their goals. My job is to help in whatever capacity I can and use any approach I know how to help them get where they want to go. Sometimes that means my job is to support and validate and at other times challenge and encourage you to try new things. However, we can find a way to get there. In my free time, I am usually binge watching some tv show, playing any sport I can, and looking for something new to try.



I foster safe spaces for my clients to begin their journey to healing. I believe that therapy is a partnership between you and me to ensure that you are heard and understood without judgment. I will motivate you to connect with your body and mind to promote healing within along with nurturing your self-care to be present and effective in all areas of your life. I enjoy spending time with my husband, 2 kids, and our cat. I practice self-care through yoga, meditation, going to my local coffee shop for a break, watching college football and reading.