Summit's Edge is Born!

Welcome to our first, ever blog post! We are thrilled to be joining the vastly growing world of cyber-discussion. We want to set ourselves apart from other health and wellness blogs by discussing things you most care about. What are you concerns about mental health? What issues do you feel need to be addressed by our local and federal government?

We want to create a venue for intelligent and meaningful dialogue regarding our world and the way it views mental wellness. We will discuss trending topics such as mindfulness, trendy diets and exercise to promote brain health, and even techniques to increase emotional IQ!

Most importantly, we need your feedback. This is all about YOU. Our organization is dedicated to a lifestyle of services. We are trying to create a unique culture of healthcare that addresses the nature of real people experiencing REAL challenges. Summit’s Edge hopes that you will share your valuable resources, articles, and videos promoting mental health and overall wellness!